Apply to the Fannie Angelos Program

Please read through all questions before completing this form.  You will need to complete and upload your answers to the essay questions, resume, and spring schedule as Word documents.

Home Address
Certification Questions
Note:  If you answer "yes" to any of the first three questions, please write a brief statement explaining the relevant circumstances.
Health Insurance

Participants in the Program must have health insurance by the start of the Program.  If you currently have health insurance, please provide the following information:

If you do not have health insurance and you are eligible for Medicaid, you can apply immediately. Alternatively, everyone can apply for health insurance during open enrollment, which begins Nov. 15, 2014. For more information on enrollment, you can call the Maryland Consumer Support Center at 1-855-642-8572. You must inform us as soon as you get health insurance coverage. Remember, you cannot participate in the Program without health insurance.

To complete your application you must submit the items below.  You may upload these items as a Word document or PDF file using the "Upload Document" button below.
 i)  Resume

ii)  Essay Questions

Please answer each of the following questions, paying particular attention to the word limits. Attach to your application.

1) What is your main interest or purpose in pursuing a law degree? (Limit: 100 words)

2) Achieving success on the LSAT, in law school, and in one’s professional career, requires what educators call “grit.” Grit is defined as “perseverance and passion for long-term goals.” Researchers have identified the following traits as essential components of “grit”:

a. Having persistence despite setbacks.
b. Having humility about knowing a goal doesn’t necessarily come easy.
c. Recognizing that accepting help does not equate to weakness.
d. Having a capacity for human connection and collaboration.

Please write an essay concerning a goal you have set or a project on which you have worked that demonstrates one or more of these traits. (Limit: 300 words)

3) Describe some challenges you might face while pursuing your personal goals during the next year and one or two SPECIFIC things that will help you overcome these challenges. (Limit: 100 words)

4) Starting in February, successful applicants will need to be able to attend EVERY LSAT review class. The classes meet two evenings per week, from 6:15 to 9:45PM, and on six Saturdays during the semester, for 3 ½ hours. Moreover, students need to spend between 15 and 20 additional hours each week doing LSAT preparation on their own. Finally, during the period between the end of final exams and the June LSAT, students must spend at least 4 to 6 hours per day, six days a week, on LSAT preparation.

Are you prepared to commit to this many hours of pure, honest work? If so, how will you change your current schedule so that you are able to fulfill the time requirements? (Limit: 200 words)

iii) Spring Schedule

Please prepare a schedule listing EVERY activity or time commitment in which you will be or are likely to be participating.

This schedule should include the courses you intend to take and/or work responsibilities, extracurricular activities [both school-related and non-school related], family and social responsibilities [ie: weddings, family obligations, trips, etc.], internships, and any other similar activity. Include both the time you will be in the LSAT Prep classes, and the 15 to 20 additional hours each week doing LSAT preparation on your own. [Remember that during the period between the end of your final exams and the June LSAT, you will need to spend 4 to 6 hours per day, six days per week, on LSAT preparation.]

The purpose of this schedule is to ensure that you will have the time to complete the Program successfully.

Your schedule should cover the period from February to June.

If you do not know your Spring class schedule, say how many credits you plan on taking, the courses you plan on taking, and estimate where your LSAT Prep study time will be. Omission of any significant activity will be considered an Honor Code violation and grounds for expulsion from the Program.

iv) Letter of Recommendation

You must provide an official undergraduate transcript from every undergraduate institution you have attended.  Please have your transcript mailed to:

Lenora Giles
University of Baltimore School of Law
Fannie Angelos Program
1401 N Charles Street
Baltimore MD 21201
If you have any questions please call 410.837.5184 or email the Fannie Angelos Program at